Raiva / Rage

O dia em que a raiva acordou primeiro / The day when my rage woke up before me

Ano / Year: 2013 – Bordeaux


O dia em que a raiva acordou primeiro (The day when my rage woke up before me é um trabalho) nasceu do texto e virou ação e mais tarde a junção de ambos em um video. A narrativa abstrata onde um conta a historia de quando a raiva acordou mais cedo e resolveu atear fogo no cartão postal da cidade de Bordeaux ( Place de La Bourse) e que foi construído em grande parte a partir do dinheiro oriundo da venda de escravos.

The day when my rage woke up before me is a work done in a chain process, which has started with a performance/action throughout which a video and a text were created.
The starting point of the chain is a marginal, political act done on the a touristic site. A abstract narrative that tells the story when a felling tried to change the history of a place. The place is the postcard of Bordeaux (Place de la Bourse), a city which made most of its wealth on trading slaves.

I remember the day when my rage woke up before me,it was still dark…she grabbed the old rotten cloth that had no use, the smell of gasoline was impregnating, we exit the apartment running like drunken dogs towards the most beautiful image that i could remember … so by finishing with the impregnating smell, I set fire to the water , just as i would have finished those bloody bastards that used to laugh over the black blood. Even though they didn’t exist anymore, I tried to destroy them all …by burning the image that used to prove their power…she knew that they were still laughing… probably that’s why she woke up earlier that day,… this quest to make each one of them smell the smoke produced by the skin, concrete and gasoline was what took the sleep of my rage away that day…