Lux Ferre

Title: Lux Ferre
Year: 2013
Dimentions: Variable Technique: Performance/ Video / Photo
Place: Bordeaux

Lux Ferre(*) consists in an attempt to construct an ephemeral poetic experience; a man puts himself in a sometimes considerable poetic situation (in this case pulling the fire) for approximately 30 min. This ideal , intense and most importune, senseless task of pulling the fire throughout the city, creates a mythic character which throughout the sound of the grinding metal on the floor, the light and smoke of the moving fire gives birth to

anachronistic atmosphere and luciferinan (light-bringing) point of view. This work is composed by three times and formats: the performative, moving-picture and still-picture.

Lux – Lux, Lucis: light/ lumiere (lucidity) Ferre – Fero, tuli, latum, ferre: 1/ Carry 2/ Display 3/ Support 4/ Present 5/ move (Set in motion)