des restes, des autres

Title: des restes, des autres

Year: 2013

length: 02:57

Technique: Performance/ Video
Place: Cap Ferret

These rests and pieces that created the form, were brought to the shore by a great storm that took place in the early months of 2014, afterwards reassembled together by the firemen of the village and finally deconstructed by us to create an empty place and returning it to its primary set-up.
The performative act came from the contrary gesture of constructing something; deconstructing a form that fascinated us, retransforming and recomposing the found waste. This disassembly came as something that would enlarge and reconfigure the space in a spontaneous and aleatory manner.
The fixed set up of the camera show the different stages of the deconstruction and inscription of the time changing.

made in collaboration with Véronique Grenier