The Third Space

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Title: The Third Space
Year: 2012
Dimentions: 42cm x 35cm x 35cm
Technique: Transparent Printed Foto, Audio and Video Exhibiton:Cortex Galery, Bordeaux
Place: Offenbach am Main / Bordeaux

This Project was realized with the artist: Luisa Fosco

The Third Space is a story of a place that is constructed and deconstructed through assembling one still image with a sequence of moving pictures. The printed photograph documents the objective features of a space: its dimensions, shapes, textures and colors. There is no action in it, but the mise en scène is set up as if something is just about to happen.

This photo can only be seen when the light comes through, since it was printed on a transparent film. Instead of a lightbox, the chosen light source is an LCD Screen. The sequence of different digital videos displayed on the screen adds new colours and textures to the photograph. It becomes visible, perceptible and re-signified through the animated backlight. The combination of these images from two different backgrounds induces the perception of a non existing dimension: the third space.

The projected videos are a collection of images shot in urban sceneries. Each of them has a fixed point of view and depicts a subtle flow or movement, like a dance of lights or a moving texture. The final piece presents a large variety of light situations, color palettes and texture patterns, in order to increase the visual possibilities when combined with the still image. The final audio piece is also the result of an overlapping process. The audio captured at the location where the photo was made was mixed with the audio of the video on display. Such blend gives rise to a space that transcends the screen surface while creating an atmosphere of a physical unreal dimension.

This format–in many ways related to the old dioramas–is a research about materiality and possibilities of an image. By overlapping a physical image with a digital image, the project pushes the contrasting/tenuous borders between photography and video, digital and analog, real and virtual, and generates a living picture that is constantly reshaping itself.

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