Aqui estão os textos escritos sobre o meu trabalho e por mim.

Here are the texts about my work or that I’ve published in the past.

Políticas de Silenciamento e a Necromemória – Brasil 247

–  Fil Fil Fil publication – Geneva – Switzerland

Attempting to decolonize pedagogy in CILAS Alexandria – Mada Masr

– Concreto Contínuo – Text by Juliana Caffé for the Solo Exhibition PTEN

Waiting for the After-Effects of Documenta 14 in Athens -Arts Everywhere

(In collaboration with Jota Mombaça)

On Pedagogical Turns and the Use of Time -Arts Everywhere

(In collaboration with Nikos Doulos)

How to remain silent – A4 arts – Cape Town

Qalandya International – Arts Everywhere

Greeks Learning from the Germans – Capacete Athens Publication 

Ribeiro’s new Social Sculpture –  World Policy Institute

– Brazilian Propaganda   – World Policy Institute

– Sweet River, Sour Valley – World Policy Institute

(In collaboration with Ana Wainer)

– Idealist Art – Berlin – Germany