By Gabriel Pedrosa & Gian Spina

Title: Praia
Year: 2014
Dimentions: Variable

Technique: Performance/ Video / Text

Place: Fernando de Noronha /São Paulo

A video of a two hours performance of a man being swallowed by the waves gave birth to a poem, which after changed the manner that the video was cut and showed, a voice-over narrates the poem in its original language, a translation to english was made and 40 times handwritten into a white sheet of paper. “Praia” is a chain processes of production, of a repetitive coming and going between Gabriel and Gian. A repetitive gesture of re-signifying the matter

we should not think about sisyphus
not to see
the coming and going 
the mantle that waits and despairs the hero
we should not see the time
that scratches the sun line
nor the circles 
the time in abyss cycles 
not to think
on the waters, on the algae, on the sand, on the whale, on the moon
not to see that life explodes 
and returns to drain 
into the ground of the hole that it opened 
we should not smell the wind
the rain
the shellfish of the fish scratching the salt 
not to smell the evening which was lost in the years
the other beaches
and their infinite suns 
we should not think about death
on the vanity of the gods
on their stupid job of making dust out of stones
out of bones
on the bird that cut the board
that we should not see 
nor listen to its scream 
between the background noise 
of the skin searing
of the hair cutting the space
we should not 
up to now nothing
to know nothing nor to feel
until the wave crosses the thigh the chest the belly
until the head becomes nothing less 
than the running bubbles 
the brights and the shadows 
and that the body be just an erratic shiver of the ice
its lines of sperm and spume
its running matter
in which we not yet know if water, if air, if sand 
and then 
the sea