Minimal Eternity

Title: Minimal Eternity
Year: 2011
Dimentions: Variable
Technique: Mirrors, lamps and lightwire cable
Exhibiton: Satellit Gallery
Place: Berlin

Three works that alter and distort our visual perception and interpretation of space, using the light and the exhibition room as the principal material to achieve such premisses. Subtle distortion were caused by the three objects, the first is a 25cm half sphere constructed from mirror. When looking into the half sphere the spectator sees himself and the distorted space. The two other works are very similar: two parallel mirrors, one of them being a “one sided mirror” and the other one a normal mirror, in between lies a light source that makes this “space” endless. But at the same time, by being able to see the light source hanging in the back of one of the objects or by the fact that the object hangs on the wall, brings an end to the seemingly “endless” room.

  • Minimal Eternity 1
  • Minimal Eternity 2
  • Minimal Eternity 3
  • Minimal Eternity 4
  • Minimal Eternity 5