Text (pdf)

Title: Itaka

Year: 2014

Format: Presentation / Text / Photo /Audio

Exhibiton: kriegkstr. 12 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Itaka was made during my artistic residence at the Ionion Center in Cephalonia, the project is composed of a 3 day period performance on a rock, 1km away from the coast, where I stayed alone and isolated writing my memories and by the 3rd day I glued my memories over the rock’s surface, creating a sort of memory-space. But nothing of this really happened, a storm came the project became something else, something improvised, something about being inside the world, blending the encountering and becoming, bringing the being and the object together in a rock becoming for a short moment a life-piece.
the work is composed of a text written on the aftermath, an audio capture by accident, a photo of the rock and a powerpoint presentation (overhead projector) about what happened on the rock.