Fragments of Helena

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Title: Fragments of Helena
Year: 2011
Dimensions: min. 5m x 5m
Technique: Printed Foto, Audio and Video Exhibiton: European Media Art Festival
Place: Osnarbrück, Germany


“Fragments of Helena” is an audiovisual installation, that narrates and illustrates the memory of a broken relationship. These are fragments of a memory. The Installation is itself an analogy of the narrator’s memory. The viewer enters a dark room and metaphorically the narrator’s “head”. The image of the lost woman hangs on the wall however the spectator is denied in its totality.

The projector illuminates fragments of the photo, making the pieces visible in a dark room. Those fragments are followed by the voice of the narrator, that on the other hand, narrates portions of the relationship, memories and fragments of an injured person. The dialogue between the image (she) and sound (he) terminates with the ending of the relationship. All the facts and stories of this piece are real and were lived by the woman and the man.


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