Erfahrraum 1

Title: Erfahrraum 1
Year: 2010
Dimentions: Variable Technique: Mirrors, Projector and DVD player
Exhibiton: Systm Gallery (solo exibition)
Place: Berlin

The name of the following project is a combination of two words: “Erfahrung” which in German means experience/ knowledge, and “Raum” that means room/ space. In these projects I researched how the interpretations of a space or a room can be redefined, how to create movement to those spaces using light sources, digital supports and the space itself as a support for communication. Erfahrraum I is about an exaggerated amount of information (moving images) inside an ordinary room and how it would be to transpose the images that we see in our everyday life in to a single place. Using a half-sphere mirror (50cm diameter), small images are projected at the mirror and by reaching the wall, they become distorted and pixelated.

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